The People of Active Tanzania

The people of Active Tanzania Adventures
The people of Active Tanzania Adventures

The people of
Active Tanzania Adventures

Thomas Mwanyika Disii

General Manager of Active Tanzania Adventures, Thomas was born and raised in the Pare area of Usambara Mountains and is an experienced tour operator. Thomas studied agriculture and animal husbandry. His environmental interest along with his love of life and his curiosity for meeting people from all over the world led him to become both a Safari and a Mountain Guide. He has climbed Kilimanjaro as a leader more than 130 times. In 1999 he took part in the annual Kili marathon and set a speed record for climbing Kilimanjaro. He has participated at an equal number of walking and camping safaris at national parks in East Africa. He has been organizing journeys in East Africa for over 8 years. His vision was to create a company that would combine his respect for nature along with traveling and creating work opportunities for the local people. Over the years “Active Tanzania Adventures” has built a knowledgeable and experienced working team, leading groups from all over the world.The expeditions of “ATA” have been held in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda till now. His plan is to discover more African countries in the near future and together with the locals to create substantial journeys so that the rest of the world comes, enjoys and gets an insight into Africa.

Contact Thomas
General Manager
+255 715 605 785
Arusha, Tanzania

Mary Kourkoumeli

Mary Kourkoumeli was born in Athens, Greece. She had been working as an Art Director in publishing companies for 15 years. She has designed many travel publications, websites and brochures. She has always been curious about the planet and over the last decade she has been around many places in Europe, US, Asia and Africa. About two years ago, her journey-path led her to Tanzania where she met Thomas. As they share common interests about nature, conscious traveling, cultures and life they joined forces and work together in “Active Tanzania Adventures”. They have been wandering around East Africa, discovering and gathering experiences and information about the “ATA” project. Her favorite quotes are that we all share one world, we are global citizens, nature is our home and traveling helps us deepen our understanding of both life and ourselves. Apart from the travel company, she is genuinely interested in creating and getting involved in environmental, social and art projects and wishes to invite you all to join her.

Contact Mary
Managing Director
+ 255 756 565 796