Zanzibar Holidays

After your wilidlife Safari or mountain trekking spend a couple of days in paradise: 

From wildlife beyond imagination, you can beam yourself into the romantic, narrow streets of East Africa's most substantial and famous Swahili city-state: Zanzibar, the spice capital of Africa and a magic place awaits you with white beaches, a fascinating history and an unspoilt atmosphere amongst welcoming people.

Spice Tour, Watersports and Freddy Mercury 
We know our ways on the islands and make sure your stay here will be adventurous as well as well planned. According to your schedule and interests we will suggest you a perfect Zanzibar trip. 

We can arrange everything for you. We'll book your flights or ferry boat ticket to get there and make a reservation in the best accomodation available within your budget. The ideal stay is a balanced mixture of leisure time and guided tours to experience the islands' sites side by side with a local and get more background information from this way. 

Cultural Tours

Stone Town City Tour
Zanzibar's old city and cultural heart is Stone Town, one of the most impressive towns of East Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage. Walk around, get lost and find out what a fascinating place it is! And then take a guided tour. We'll show you the most bustling bazaars, beautiful palaces and extravagant houses. The architecture is predominant Arab but blended with local, Indian and European features. 

Spice tour
Muscat, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, ginger and other spices and fruits so exotic that they don't have an English name, can be explored in the many plantations under the competent guidance of a local. 

The slave chambers
The underground slave chambers in Mangapwani were the center of the illegal slave trade up until 1909. Let us show you around there and inform you about historal facts and local tales. 

Persian baths
On the highest point of the island, Kidichi, Sultan Sayyind Said built two Persian baths in 1850, one for him and one for his wife. They are still in a good condition and well worth visiting. You will see splendid Persian architecture and learn more about the buldings and the way they are constructed. 

Prison Island
You can make a boat trip there and an have a look at the remains of a jailhouse built here in 1893. The island is an ideal place for snorkeling and watching the giant turtles by the beach. 

Jozani Forest
The only natural forest on Zanzibar where the rare red Guerexa monkeys habituate. The best time to visit the Jozani forst are the early morning hours, when the monkeys are active and thus easy to spot. 

Romantic Activities 

Dhow Sailboat Trip
Tradtional Dhow sailboats are still in use on Zanzibar. We can arrange a dhow trip for you. You will sail into the sunset and might spot some dolphins on the way. The Indian Ocean is a magic sea and the dhow the perfect way to discover the coast. You will remember this trip for a lifetime. 

Swimming with dolphins
Taking place in the southern part of the island, the boat ride is long, and you are not guaranteed to find dolphins, but when you finally do, and if you get the chance to join them in the water, it will be an extraordinary experience. 

Sports Activities

Snorkelling and scuba diving
Coral reefs, tropical fish and clear water make the Indian Ocean around Zanzibar Islands an ideal place for snorkelling and scuba diving. Take a diving course, get your certificate and explore the Indian Ocean. 

Sailing and windsurfing
Windsurfing and sailing are popular activities, we'll tell you the best facilities for starters and advanced. 

Deep sea fishing
Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia are excellent islands for sports fishing. Do as Ernest Hemingway and catch sailfish, mackerel, kingfish and marlin among others. We will bring you together with local experts who will consult you about the gear or accompany you on a game fishing tour.

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