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Our vision is to connect people from all over the world with true African life. We are inviting travelers who seek the authentic on their journeys to visit Africa with us. We go beneath the surface of a place and look for experiences that enrich us. Every member of this company, shares the idea that we are all one. We are part of nature and care for it. We work with local people and communities and provide everything through them. Guides who carry experience from their motherland, food suppliers, cooks with authentic recipes, gear, lodging, tribe visits, arts & crafts, cultural programs -are all locally- based and connected to our "ATA" project.

Driven by our love for African landscapes and life, we decided to open a "road" so other people can also experience the beauties and the uniqueness of this continent. The wild animals living freely in nature along with the rich diversity of landscapes and cultures make Africa an amazing destination.

"Active Tanzania Adventures" is an official registered Tour Company in Tanzania. We are committed to excellent service, providing all the comforts you are going to need and access to everything that is around. The way we work is firstly to present you with the available choices and then together to design the trip that will suit you perfectly. We are always happy to send you a free quote for your trip, with no obligation.

In these troubled economic times around the globe, we have kept our prices as low as possible so more people to have access to this unique travel experience.

On our website we present you the countries where we have wandered around ourselves and together with the valuable help of the local people, we have created itineraries and proposals for the places and activities that captured us. Choosing and planning your safari is an exciting experience, so whether you wish to try one of our set-itineraries or you prefer us to design a custom-made one, we are here for you.

Let us guide you to Africa while giving you an awe-inspiring travel opportunity through our deep understanding and love for this exceptional continent.

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