Work in an HIV/AIDS Project

Project Summary
Like other African countries, HIV/AIDS is a serious challenge in Tanzania. If left uncontrolled, problems of HIV/AIDS can get worst killing thousands of people. Therefore, many hospital and local NGOS are presently running HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and an awareness campaign in Tanzania. And volunteers' help is needed to support ongoing activities and program.

There is no specific qualification required to volunteer in this project. However, volunteers should be willing to help kids and patients suffering from HIV/AIDS

Volunteers' role
Volunteers take care of HIV/AIDS infected kids and people and help them engaged in educational and training activities meant to increase awareness and stop the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Volunteers also support counseling and education program of hospitals and communities. You will help to raise personal risk perception among the youth, men and women by involving them to actively participate in HIV/AIDS preventive education. Your help is also expected in outreach programs such as hospice care, recreational and educational programs, voluntary HIV counseling and testing, and educational seminars and conferences on the virus within the local community.

If you are interested to volunteer in a project please contact us either by filling the booking form or by email at or if you prefer call us on +255 784 605 785.

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