Women's Project

Project Summary
In Tanzania, Masai women are economically weak. Though Masai culture is one of the major attractions of tourism industry in Tanzania, Masai people are not benefited from the tourism industry. A local NGO in ILKDNGA and Monduli district is presently running different programs to uplift the economic condition of Masai women. ILKDNGA has been running an income generating projects for Masai women. In this project, Masai women are trained to make traditional Masai crafts, beads, clothes, handicrafts, and other goods. These products are later sold in market and part of this income goes to women. This is a wonderful project, if you enjoy Masai culture and rural life of Masai people.

There is no specific qualification needed to join the women's project Tanzania. If you have skills in crafts, beading, and arts that would be great. You can join this project if you want to support the income generating efforts of Masai women.

Volunteers' Role
There is no formal structure (example well structured office or infrastructure) in this women project. There are 8 Masai women's groups in 8 different villages of Mt. Meru. These Masai women's groups are coordinated by ILKDNGA. You will travel each village to other village (nearly 30-50 minutes) each day and support them. There are many works that you can engaged in.

If you are an artist or professional having skills on crafts, beads, ornament, and handicrafts you can teach them the recent techniques/designs so that they can make better products and sell their products in markets.

If you are non-professional but just want to work and support these Masai women, then you can work with them learning how to make Masai crafts, beads, ornaments. It would be a wonderful experience to work with one of the native tribes who respects foreigners.

Masai women's group also need volunteers' help to learn English so that they can talk with tourists and sell their products directly. So, you can also run an informal English language class for Masai women.

If you have knowledge and skills about marketing, then you can help Masai women to develop marketing strategies and help them to sell their products in national and international market.

Besides women's group, you can run English language classes for Masai children and local youth With a little English knowledge Masai youth can work as tourist guides making additional income for the family.

If you are interested to volunteer in a project please contact us either by filling the booking form or by email at info@activetanzania.com or if you prefer call us on +255 784 605 785.

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