The bushmen at Lake Eyasi

The salt lake is situated between the Rift Valley's Eyasi escarpment and the Kidero Mountains. The Hadzabe have inhabited the acacia forests and scrubland around Eyasi for over ten thousand years. The Datoga nomades and Blacksmith inhabit the area around the lake as well.

The Hadzabe bushmen are one of the few last remaining hunter-gatherers on this continent. They are loyal to their indigenious way of life. The traditional Hadzabe home is a cave or hole. Hunting in groups with bows and preparated arrows, this tribe is able to survive with what the environment provides. The Hadzabe bushmen treat diseases with their own medicines. Their language resembles the click language of the bushmen further south in Kalahari Desert. You can see how they make fire, the types of trees wich are suitable for use, show you places where they collect honey and how to use bones and arrows for hunting.

The Datoga nomades live in groups of families around the lake. They are mostly pastoralists and are used to biological food. They move from place to place to find good pastures for their animals. The Blacksmith are skilled to iron crafts using a local method to make arrows, spears, knives and jewelry for their marriages.

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