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Mount Hanang

Mount Hanang (3418m) is somewhat remotely located 200 km south-west of Arusha. Crossing the Babati district along the Arusha-Dodoma road in the Rift valley the roads are somewhat bumpy. Mt. Hanang's extinct volcanic crater makes a stunning feature above the otherwise undulating plains.

In the Hanang District live numerous different tribes. Well known are the Barabaig people whose traditional culture is still unchanged. They follow their own procedures of marriage, burial, of elderly men, religious rituals and local taboos. Their famous honey brew, called Gisuda, is well known in the area. The Barabaig are a semi-nomadic tribe recognizable by their goatskin garments.

After a 5-6 hour walk through farmland, forest, scrub and grasslands you can reach the summit after another 5-6 hours of hiking. A two-day tour is advised.

For hikes to Mount Hanang please contact us either by filling the booking form or by email at or if you prefer call us on +255 784 605 785. We will be happy to hear from you.

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