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Kitulo Plateau National Park

Locals refer to the Kitulo Plateu as 'Bustani ya Mungu' - The Garden of God - while botanists have dubbed it the Serengeti of Flowers.
Perched at around 2,600 metres (8,500 ft) between the rugged peaks of the Kipengere, Poroto and Livingstone Mountains, the well-watered volcanic soils of Kitulo support the largest and most important montane grassland community in Tanzania.

Floral significance
Kitulo is the first national park in tropical Africa to be gazetted largely for its floral significance - not only a multitude of orchids but also the stunning yellow-orange red-hot poker and a variety of aloes, proteas, geraniums, giant lobelias, lilies and aster daisies, of which more than 30 species are endemic to southern Tanzania. 

Tanzania's newest national park
is a rare botanical marvel, home to a full 350 species of vascular plants including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid which erupt into a riotous wildflower display of breathtaking scale and diversity during the main rainy season of Late November to April.

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